Making lunch memorable – holiday edition

I love meeting a friend for lunch. I also love exploring places I have never been. So why not combine the two and elevate the simple lunch to a mini road trip? My friend Craig and I like to take trips to nearby towns that we hear about either, in Craig’s case, the local news, or, in my case, while listening to my local traffic … Continue reading Making lunch memorable – holiday edition

Bacon truly makes everything better

Hi all! I got back from Pittsburgh on Sunday evening and between computer issues and work stress I have not posted. So do allow me to present you with just one photo. A beautiful photo. A photo of one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, smelled and tasted.  Yes, this is a photo of a maple glazed doughnut topped with bacon. And it … Continue reading Bacon truly makes everything better

Fries on the side? Hell no, taking a la mode to an entirely new level

My friend Jenn moved to Pittsburgh in 2012. I was really sad. I met Jenn when we both worked second jobs at the B.Dalton in Union Station back in the mid 90s. Ah those were the days – shootings, muggings and the occasional person disrobing because God asked them to. And that was just in the food court. So, I visited Jenn last October and … Continue reading Fries on the side? Hell no, taking a la mode to an entirely new level

Crostini’ing out my fridge

It was Saturday morning. I was looking in my refrigerator and wondering exactly what food would go bad before I returned home from Knoxville. I was leaving the following Tuesday and would be gone from home for almost a week. It was overwhelming. There were eggs, milk, apples and other perishables. So I did what I have done in previous such situations. I immediately went to the … Continue reading Crostini’ing out my fridge

An unexpected side trip down memory lane: the hidden track

I was driving home on Sunday afternoon after visiting my Dad in  Blacksburg, Va. About two hours in I found myself sitting in a 3-mile backup on Interstate 81. My fellow travelers and I were stuck in one of those lovely areas where radio reception is not good, and when there is decent reception the music, well, it is still not good. Now, I am not totally behind in my music technology but for some reason my 2001 Dodge Stratus does not have satellite radio and there is not place for me to plug my iPhone in (go figure!)

So there I was, sitting in the middle of nowhere, listening to my engine make stall-impending noises and hearing nothing but static on the radio. When I find myself in this situation I will usually straighten up my car. I clean out the discarded wrappers from my stash of Werther’s Originals and countless receipts for gas and/or fast food. Yeah, I’m living the life. And as I dug deeper, underneath the passenger seat, I came across an old case filled with CDs. I flipped through it and popped Dido’s Life for Rent in. Now, I have not listened to CDs in my car in, well, I can’t remember. And obviously I have not cleaned my car in, um, can’t remember that either. You see, I am an old, boring adult and listen to news and traffic when driving to and from work. For longer trips I listen to audio books. I like to call them my stories.  And if I am actually listening to music it is on non-stop scan because I have developed the attention span of a flea.

So, stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do, I listened, actually listened to an entire CD I noticed the disc did not automatically start back on the first track after the last listed track ended and then, pow, I remembered! There was a hidden track. It was Closer and, as is the case with most of the hidden tracks I have stumbled on over the years, it was one of my favorite songs on the album.

And then it happened. Continue reading “An unexpected side trip down memory lane: the hidden track”

A la mode on the road: Toasting peaches and other earthly delights

See that? That there to the left? It’s a beer. A lovely, light, peachy beer. I know, I couldn’t believe it myself. And if there is nothing better than a perfectly ripe white peach on a perfectly cool  summer’s day than there is nothing even more perfect than an ice-cold R.J. Rockers Son of a Peach ale on a hot as balls summer’s day. I drank this delightful peach … Continue reading A la mode on the road: Toasting peaches and other earthly delights

A la Mode on the road: A used bookstore, a dust cloth and a dream come true

I love used bookstores. Stumbling on a title that I have wanted to read. Or better yet, one I didn’t know existed. Oh yes, and stumbling on a book I can afford. Sadly, I hate actually being in used bookstores. The mildew smell, the dust, the eye and throat irritations are bad enough but I hate feeling like I am playing with a house of cards made up of books … Continue reading A la Mode on the road: A used bookstore, a dust cloth and a dream come true