Elevating my bank account one latte at a time

As I am preparing my lunch for tomorrow, I am reminding myself that small changes in my spending will make for great big changes in my bank account. And did I mention there were a few unexpected layoffs at work again? Yeah, Mama needs a bigger emergency fund. So as I make my PB&J I am also reflecting on my coffee habit. If I purchase … Continue reading Elevating my bank account one latte at a time

Elevate refrigerated biscuit dough to yummy, deep fried goodness

I have mentioned in earlier posts that I have a niece who is allergic to eggs. That is difficult for a godmother to hear, particularly a godmother who bakes. Thankfully, Meg has a mom who is pretty impressive at working around that allergy. When I visited my sister just before Christmas last year, she was tasked with finding mini doughnuts for a holiday party or … Continue reading Elevate refrigerated biscuit dough to yummy, deep fried goodness

Cafe au almond

When you become obsessed by something you find there really is no off switch. And that goes for any type of obsession. My obsession with the Real Housewives franchise. My obsession with pretty stationary that I never end up using. My obsession with Brazilian actor, Rodrigo Santoro. Okay, maybe that was an overshare but watch Love Actually and I dare you not fall in love with him. Impossible, I … Continue reading Cafe au almond

The scoop: A little cake with my coffee

At the end of a week waxing philosophic on coffee, what better way to end it than with a cake.  I found the recipe for this one the way I find most of my recipes – I typed the ingredients I had on hand into a search engine, found a recipe that needed only one more ingredient  and then changed my mind the moment I got back … Continue reading The scoop: A little cake with my coffee

Cravings: Blending coffee with the artisanal and eco-friendly

Coffee Bean Soap

 So what do you get when you combine creativity with coffee? An artistic blend of awesome.  I love me my Etsy.com and when it came to working with and recycling coffee, packaging and accessories, the artisans at Etsy have come up with some original, stylish and earth friendly approaches.

HeartJCreations has combined the exfoliation powers of coffee with the skin soothing balm of cocoa butter. Her handmade soaps, including the coffee bean soap retailing for $4.49, are made with natural ingredients including natural oils, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil and, of course, coffee. The shop will be taking their products on the road with craft show appearances in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia this spring. Check out their store for details.

More wonderfully creative and green products after the jump……

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A French press revelation

A Goldilocks morning! The size of my grounds were juuuust right.

Shockingly, my morning coffee from my French press was delightful. Or, to borrow a phrase from a reader, “awesome and magical!” Who knew?

I was worried I would grind the coffee beans too small or leave my watery grounds to mingle too long before pressing them down. I tend to over think things. Can you tell? So I went with my gut. And my gut came through. But as I finished my coffee, I was faced with an unexpected task – emptying loose, messy, wet and sticky grounds.  And so begins Tuesday’s topic – coffee grounds. 

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